Thursday, February 10

Growing Up Different and The Glee Effect

St. Mary's School, 1991 - That's me on the back row, right in the middle. When you're the tallest person in your class, you are always back and center. That was my spot every single year.

Last Sunday night, Jonathan and I watched Glee after the Super Bowl. We haven't watched Glee lately due to our "less is more" attitude towards the television set, but we were sucked in this time. After the show was over, Jonathan made a comment about how he was glad shows like Glee exist nowadays because they are not only showing "nerds" in a positive light, but they are also bringing attention to the bullying that takes place in high schools across the country.

When we were in high school, television shows and movies about high school usually had the focus on the beautiful people, and if they did feature a "nerd," then the "nerd" was only there because he or she was trying to become a beautiful person. Movies like Clueless, She's All That and Never Been Kissed all come to mind. For those of us who weren't "beautiful people," our middle school and high school years were pretty terrible, and pop culture only made things worse. I'm sure some parts of high school will always be the same, but I'm still very glad to see shows where the kids who are different are the ones who are succeeding and doing positive things. Over the last 20 years, way too many kids who have killed themselves because of peer pressure and bullying, and we need to continue to promote the idea that different is okay. Heck, different is cool! And let's be honest many of us want to sing and dance to "Thriller," just like the kids of Glee?

I know I do.

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