Saturday, February 19

An Early Spring and Other Stories...

Sorry for the lack of posts this week. I've had a raging sinus infection since Sunday, thanks to the weather. Not that I'm complaining. I really enjoyed our blizzard last week, and I am currently enjoying the 70 degree weather this week. My head, unfortunately, is not. Despite the pain in my head, it was a nice treat to shed the woolly tights and run around bare-legged. I used to be shy about my white legs, but I've since decided that as long as they're in good shape that I don't care if they're white or not. Who wants skin cancer, anyway? My spirits were also lifted by these babies:
My valentine from my valentine. They were on sale, so he treated me. Here are some more photos of our Valentine's Day, courtesy of my iPhone:
We made the cookies on Sunday night. Dinner (giant scallops, bok choy, bread and cheese) came from Whole Foods, and wine and flowers came from Costco. We like to mix it up to keep things in our budget. Our table is the same way -- our vintage table cloth was less than $20, but our Kate Spade Larabee Dot wine glasses were $40 each (they were a wedding present). Our china is from Target and Crate and Barrel. The napkins are from Macy's. We use them everyday, so they're pretty faded. I think it's time for some new ones!

As an ode to this early hint of spring, I was inspired to share a few spring items from my favorite store in the world. As I have little money and no need for spring wear in February (despite the spring-like conditions), this will have to do for now:

Sunday Shopping Skirt. This would look really pretty with a white lacy top and some stacked sandals in a whiskey brown color...
Lavender Fields Peasant Shirt (back)
Lavender Fields Peasant Shirt (front): The details of this shirt are truly fabulous. The price, however, isn't. It's really lovely to look at though!
Wraparound Blouse: This reminds me of Europe. It would be so cute with jeans or a white skirt. The whiskey-colored accessories would go well with it as well!
Swiss Miss Corset Dress: I've never been able to pull off strapless dresses, but I LOVE the dress. I have a wedding to attend in April (yay, Anna!), and I think this would be perfect for it. I already own a cardigan that would make it church or work-ready. LOVE!
Blooming Goldenrod Dress: Yellow is such a happy color, but it's hard to wear. The gray neutralizes it a bit, and I love the waist-defining bow.
Sunny Soiree Dress: This is another wedding-worthy dress, but it could also double for work, at least in my office! Again, I love the bow at the waist.
Tepore Cardigan: My love affair with cream and lace continues. I'm going to be looking for this one. It goes with everything I own!
Maryam Tank: I love this tank as well. What a pretty layering piece.
Layers of Grace Necklace: I'm not sure how this would look on an actual neck, but I love the concept. It looks pretty simple to make as well. I might have to give this a try.
Memory Keeper Drops: I'm crazy about lockets and roses, so these were a natural pick for my wish list. :) Polka Bud Bikini: Is it weird that I put panties on this list? I couldn't help it -- they are so cute and perfect for spring!
Vernon Towels: I've been eyeing these towels for ages, but they never go on sale. They match the green in our bathroom perfectly, and they look like they're straight out of 1950. One of these days...
Delicate Things Necklace: I've always loved turquoise, and when it's coupled with tiny flowers and gold, it becomes wish list-worthy.
Florist Measuring Cups: All of our measuring cups are plastic and from Target and Wal Mart. These are so cute that they belong on our windowsill, right next to my mason jar filled with roses. :)
On a final note, I just read that Nashville is going to be getting an Anthro accessories store. It's going to be the second store in the country behind Chevy Chase, MD. Yay, Tennessee for getting a store before NYC and L.A.! I can't wait to check it out.
Have a great weekend, everyone!
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