Saturday, January 22

A Week of Blog Discoveries

Another week, more snow. We received another 1.5 inches from the snow gods on Thursday afternoon. As usual, my awesome boss let us go home early in order to avoid the icy roads. You have to love a boss who actually cares about the safety of his employees. I know I don't want to be sharing the road with these crazy Memphis drivers in any weather, especially snowy, icy weather! They don't know the meaning of the words, "Ice on bridges. Slow DOWN."
Anyway, in addition to a snow-covered short work week, I also made two lovely blog discoveries!
One came by way of our research for Habitat's new ReStore, which will open around mid-year. My supervisor and I both stumbled across it while doing trolling other affiliates' ReStore pages. The blog is called Retro Renovation. The name alone was enough to peak my interest, but then when I actually looked at it, I literally spent two hours snooping around. Wow. The blog's creator, Pam, is a lover of mid-century homes, and she's doing her best to ensure they are preserved and treasured by their owners. She's clearly a woman after my own heart -- she even has a microsite called Save the Pink Bathrooms, and she wrote this incredible Mid-Century Manifesto that made me so proud to be an owner of a Mid-Century home.
The second, not surprisingly, has to do with Anthropologie. I had no idea about the number of blogs devoted to my favorite clothing store, but some of them are truly incredible. These bloggers not only share their outfits, but they share size guides (very helpful for those who have to shop online), give reviews of clothes and keep readers up-to-date on sales. My current favorites are Anthroholic, Effortless Anthropologie and You, Me and Anthropologie.
Check them out. You're sure to love them. :)

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