Wednesday, January 19

Style Inspiration: Reese Witherspoon

Reese is often photographed in dresses. I love this blue color, and I actually own those sandals!
Slim jeans, a black t-shirt and ballet flats always look stylish. Thank you, Audrey, for starting that trend!
Newly single, Reese was radiant in this Nina Ricci dress at the 2007 Oscars.
Classic in gray and white.
I love this outfit!
Reese said she found her 2006 Oscar dress (vintage Christian Dior) at a store in Paris.
It is so pretty.
Reese is often photographed in hats and long necklaces.
In recent years, she has migrated to much more fitted dresses. Umm, I would too....
I remember when I first saw this look in a magazine. I love the white dress with gold accessories. It's so summery.
Again, fresh and on-point. The girl has flawless style.

Because I'm a huge procrastinator and haven't finished my 2011 goals, I decided to fill blog time with a style inspiration post. Today I'm inspired by the fashion sense of Reese Witherspoon, newly engaged mom of two and all around stylish Southern lady. I remember reading that Reese has a total type A personality, and personally I think that comes across in her wardrobe. The girl doesn't make a fashion misstep, and she's always chic but fresh.

She's equally fashionable in her movies. Movie fashion-wise, I really love Reese's clothes in Walk the Line, because I love the vintage fashions. She also wears great clothes in Sweet Home Alabama and Just Like Heaven. Her characters usually share her sense of style as well as her haircut. See, type A personality!

Who is your current fashion inspiration?

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