Monday, January 10

Our White Christmas!

Presents under the tree on Christmas morning...

SNOW on the holly bushes...

Oliver is ready to open presents!

Our winter wonderland...on Christmas morning. It's a Christmas miracle!
Christmas beauty.
Porter playing with my mom on Christmas morning.
Porter's excitement was contagious.
Eliza believes in Christmas magic, and I do too.
She loves Jonathan so much.
Eliza with one of her Christmas presents. What could be more magical than a White Christmas? I assure you that there isn't anything quite like waking up to a snow-covered world on Christmas morning, especially when there wasn't a flake falling from the sky on Christmas Eve.
After a late night of wrapping presents and checking the forecast, Jonathan and I decided that we weren't going to see any snow on Christmas morning. We had been watching the forecast for days, and it seemed that Memphis would get snow and Booneville would not.
We were wrong. The weathermen were wrong. At 5:45, we awoke to the sound of my mother screaming, "OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD! It SNOWED!" At first, I thought the house was on fire or someone was dead. She scared me to death, but then my sleep-deprived brain finally woke up and I realized what she had said. It had snowed for Christmas! My life-long Christmas wish had come true! Mississippi had a white Christmas!
We grabbed our glasses (yes, we are that blind) and ran to the window. Sure enough, about an inch of snow covered the ground, the trees, the deck and the cars. It was a truly magical moment, one I'll never forget.
Within minutes, we were dressed in our winter wear, ready to show Porter his first White Christmas. The garage door went up, and he stood there in shock for about two seconds, and then started dashing around the yard like crazy. There are few things Porter loves more than snow. He was in doggie heaven. So were we.
The snow had melted by lunchtime, but huge flakes continued to fall from the sky most of the night and throughout the 26th as well.
I will never forget our White Christmas in Booneville with our families.

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