Monday, January 10

Listen, and you will hear the sound of angels...

For me, Los Angeles is truly the City of Angels. I feel a connection there that I have never felt anywhere else. I have felt that way my entire life, and the feeling has only increased as time has gone by. Perhaps it comes from the water. The water connection comes from both sides of my family, and I definitely felt right at home during our trip to Capri last summer.
Still, there is nothing quite like being near the Pacific Ocean. I dream about it constantly, and when I finally arrive, I am home.
It's like seeing an old friend after a long time.

Hello, friend.

At Christmas time, there is a special magic at the beach. It's not cold, but the feeling of the season is still in the air.
I had to stick my feet in the ocean, and we searched for shells. Jonathan and I have never collected so many beautiful shells from Hermosa Beach. My shell bag was filled to the brim.
The colors were so vivid. Here are some palm trees in Echo Park.
Sleeping Beauty's Castle at Disneyland.
Jonathan and me at the Rose Parade.
Not surprisingly, a Hummingbird was there to say hello...
So were the Shire horses, representing England.
The colors were incredible.
This was my favorite float for many reasons. I loved the cat and kittens, the gingerbread house and the music was "What a Wonderful World." The sponsor is Kaiser Permanente, California's healthcare provider. The theme was Thrive.
Kaiser Permanente provided the care for my grandma throughout her illness.
The meaning of this float was not lost on me.
I also loved the Pacman band and float.
Pacman was a family tradition at our house -
my mom, sister, grandma and I all played it back in the day.
Oranges in my grandma's backyard.
A rose in my grandma's backyard.
Lots of oranges!
Her palm tree.
One of the last links to my childhood. I have been coming here since I was three months old.
Every visit, I take my grandma, my grandpa and my step grandpa roses from her garden.
Not bad for late December, huh?
La Venta Inn, which overlooks my great-grandmother's old house in Palos Verdes, California.
The view is incredible, and it hasn't changed over the years.
Rat Beach.
I'm sure Rat Beach didn't get its name from rats, but there were cats out that day...
A Palos Verdes sunset.
So, so beautiful.

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