Saturday, January 29

How to Survive the January Doldrums When It's Not 65...

Wow, where did this sunny, completely tolerable weather come from? It was 55 yesterday, and today it is going to be 65! I worked from home yesterday afternoon, and I opened the windows for about two hours. What a treat.
I had originally planned this post for a cold, snowy day, but I'm in such an inspired mood that I don't want to wait. Plus, I'm sure most of the country is not experiencing spring-like conditions right now. Well, except for California where it's in the high 70s. Again.
Must be nice.
Here are the ways I'm surviving the winter:
1.) Eating healthy home-cooked meals. Nothing will make you feel better than a diet rich in veggies, fruits and whole grains. We had salads for lunch this week, and man, I felt great! My favorite salad includes spinach, sweet red peppers, avocados, black beans, tomatoes, brown rice, corn and mango salsa. It's not only delicious and healthy, but it looks really pretty on my plate! I usually cut up the veggies and cook the rice and beans on Sunday so they're ready for the entire week. We both had work lunches yesterday, so we threw together a yummy Friday night meal with the lunch leftovers. We sauteed some onion, green onions and tomatoes in a pan, and then we mixed in the leftover rice and beans (the corn and avocados were long gone). I had three extra peppers, so we washed and cut them open, place them in a baking dish, stuffed them with the yummy rice/onion mixture and topped them with a little cheese. We baked everything on 350 for 20 minutes, and then enjoyed an easy and somewhat healthy Friday night meal with a side of my favorite Las Delicias tortilla chips and pico de gallo. So much better (and cheaper) than pizza!
2.) Get dressed up. It's easy to throw on old jeans and sweatshirts when it's cold, but lately I've found I feel so much better when I grab something pretty out of my closet. These pieces have been in heavy rotation in my wardrobe, whether I'm going to work or to the grocery store. I've also been wearing heels A LOT this season. Something about that added height makes me stand up straighter (like I need that -- I'm 5'11!), and I just feel better.
I bought this top last February when we were in Chicago, and I have worn it all year long. It's sleeveless, and it looks great under all of my cardigan sweaters. That dusty pink color is also a huge trend this spring, which is pretty awesome. :)
One of the few tops I bought from Banana Republic this year. I loved it so much that I got it in tan as well. The detailing is so pretty, and it is a great layering piece.
My favorite Anthropologie shoes, which I scored for $50 at the Newport Beach Fashion Island Anthro store. They were originally $150! I left the tag in the shoe to remind myself of my good fortune. :)
One of my Christmas presents, which you are currently find on sale at Anthropologie...
My most recent Anthropologie sale find. I am an English girl at heart, so ruffles and lace are right up my alley.
3.) Surround yourself with pretty things. When the weather is gross, the grass is more mud like than green and you're working five days a week without a vacation in sight, it's easy to get depressed. Take a few minutes and walk around your house. When I do this, I see these things, and I get inspired to sew, draw, paint and write...
Shells and a toy car from our most recent California beach trip.
My ballet shoes from eighth grade.
One of my favorite corners of our living room where we keep old books, shells and vintage postcards from Windsor Castle in Windsor, England (where I was born).
Roses from my wedding bouquet.
4.) Take up a new hobby. Yoga, sewing, blogging, jewelry making, cooking -- these are all the things I've been working on when I'm not at work or the gym. It's fun to try new things and to give yourself fun little projects to fill your winter nights and weekends. It'll only be a few more months, and then we'll be back at work on our disasterous yard, so I should really be enjoying this quiet time, right?
My mother's childhood jewelry box, which I am using to house my sewing notions.
5.) Exercise. The gyms are packed right now, thanks to those dreaded new years resolutions, but it's important to use these cold months to establish a strong workout regime. If you get started now, then you'll be in tip-top shape by the time it's warm enough to bare your arms. I've been to the gym four days a week for two weeks in a row, and I already feel so much better. Yoga class on Saturdays? A workout DVD in your living room? Those are great exercise options as well. Or you could brave the cold and go for a run or a bike ride. I'm considering one of those tomorrow! Today is yoga day, and the fifth workout day for us. We also cleaned our house on Thursday, and I personally think that should count as a workout because it's exhausting to sweep dog hair! Let's make that six workouts. YEAH! :)

If you're going to do yoga, give yourself a pedicure first. I'm favoring pale pink Essie polishes right now.

6.) Get Organized. This time of year is the perfect time to clean out closets, sell stuff on Ebay and just get rid of stuff you don't need. I love it when I open one of my drawers, and everything is neatly organized. We recently emptied our bathroom cabinet of old stuff/stuff we're never going to use/etc, and I feel a lot less stressed when I'm trying to get ready now. You'll find that if you do one cabinet or room, you'll want to do them all. I want to clean out the kitchen cabinets next!

It may not look that organized, but it's organized to me!

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