Wednesday, December 1

It's December!

Wow, I wasn't planning to take such a long hiatus from the blog, but somehow the time got away from me.
For the last few weeks, I've been thinking about what to do on the blog this month. It is, after all, my favorite month of the year, as well as the blog's one year anniversary.
In an ideal world, I would love to post every day for the entire month sharing holiday fun, food, presents and more, but sadly, I know myself all too well. I don't think I can commit to daily posts.
However, I do feel confident that I can plan some regular posts during this most wonderful time of the year to get us in the holiday spirit.
We need that, right? I know I do.
Since it's day one, I'm going to start by catching you up on my craft projects.
I would like to introduce you to my first homemade Advent Calendar....
Ta Da!
I'm so proud of it.

I used scraps from fabric for the days, and I hand-stitched all of the numbers. I sewed on the chip board letters and about half of the surprises, and I used really cute scrapbook stickers for the other half. The days are attached with embroidery thread. They are tied on as bows, so you just untie a bow and the surprise is left exposed and ready for next year. :)

Along with the Advent Calendar, I created a new garland to replace my leaves....

The real ones are so beautiful, aren't they? This is a Crepe Myrtle.

I hand-stitched each one. They are all different. I did bells, presents, stockings and ornaments.

I strung star buttons between them for a little shine. After I hung them, I realized my leaves looked pretty cute sharing the space, so I left them up as well!

I may be addicted to making these tiny decorations. Once I finished the garland, I started another one. The most recent one has Christmas birds, presents, ornaments and Christmas trees on it.

I think it's going in the dining room. I finished the ornaments today, and I plan to string them on Friday.

The whole process is actually very easy and quite relaxing. With a mug of hot chocolate and some Christmas music in the background, I have been known to stitch away for hours, much to Jonathan's dismay. I think he'd like some help with the chores. He's a good sport though.

Coming up later this week.....our Christmas play list, a Polyvore collage of fun holiday fashion and our Christmas tree pics.

Our indoor and outdoor decorations are up. We decorated the inside on the 15th, exactly as planned. We are almost finished with the outdoors after tonight, but we still need to pick up our real Christmas wreaths and some ribbon.

The neighborhood is already starting to look merry and bright.

Happy December!

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