Thursday, December 2

From Polyvore: Cozy Winter Wardrobe

Cozy Winter Wardrobe

Welcome to a mere sampling of what I'm dreaming about fashion-wise this winter. Naturally, it is almost all from Anthropologie. I'm sure you're completely shocked.

Recently I've begun to integrate more color into my wardrobe. I really admire the more free-spirited vibe that it gives me. Reds, greens, yellows, browns and oranges are all in heavy rotation right now. It's sort of a phenomenon for a girl whose closet has been home to almost all black, camel and grey for the past five years. It's nice to let my artsy side out again. I've missed her!

To go along with that look, I'm been adding more layers to my outfits -- I have several lacy camisoles and tanks that I have picked up over the past year, and I even bought a beautiful lace slip at a vintage store that works under several of my dresses. Then I almost always add a cardigan and woolly tights. I just bought a pair from Anthro that sadly has to be returned because they had a spot on them when I took them out of their packaging. Boo. I hope to have better luck with the next pair. Sometimes I score a good pair of tights from Target, but Macy's and Anthro seem to have the best colors, and they aren't much more expensive. I tried a pair from another store, which shall remain nameless, and they ripped before I even got them up. Such is the life of a too-tall girl, I guess.

Finally, the winter weather is here to stay, so I'm starting to wear boots more and more often. I found a great pair at Banana Republic that I got on sale, and I'm looking forward to wearing them with the aforementioned Anthro tights. I also add a scarf (my current favorites are from a shop on Capri (gifted to me by my mom) and a local vintage shop ($30), and I'm still looking for the perfect cloche, although I'm not sure that there is one out there that won't make me look like a jerk.

We shall see.

Winter fashion is so much more fun than summer because I'm not sweating all the time, and there is always the possibility of a snow day.

What are you adding to your wardrobe this winter? Marlene Blouse, $168 Every Which Way Cardigan, $70 Jacinth Sweaterdress, $148 Tea's Ribbon Cardi, $128 Dancing Blooms Cardi, $128 Tied Trail Cardi, $98 Deuxhill Cowlneck, $88 Flower Vendor Top, $78 Bianka Blouse, $68 Floral Frappe Top, $58 Harvested Honey Coat, $398 Courtier Skirt, $258 In The Thicket Curtain, $138 Needlework Garden Shade, $128 Tria Sweater Skirt, $128 Avant-Tweed Skirt, $118 Climbing Vines Curtain, $108 Flowing Cables Sweater Skirt, $98 Hop, Skip, Jump Skirt, $78 Spitalfields Skirt, $78 Foxy Tights, $28 Batik Lavender Sachets, $16 Stitch Sole Pull On Boot, 220 GBP Glad Rags T-Straps, $138 Sweet Sentinel Bag, $80 Whirly-Twirly Clutch, $28 Artist's Imagination Necklace, $48 Spring Splendor Necklace, $42 Two-Tone Eternity Scarf, $80 Bric-A-Brac Scarf, $88 Hanami Scarf, $58 Atypical Glint Scarf, $48 Echoes Scarf, $38 Leather Laurel Headband, $34 All-Things-Bright Box, $58 Bonbon Bow Cloche, $38 Yoruba Seat Cushion, $32 Santa Lucia Snowflake Set, $20 Nammoura Dessert Plates, $12

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