Saturday, December 4

Fall to Winter in Memphis

It was 24 degrees last night. I think that means winter is here.
I'm not quite ready for such extreme temperatures.
I was really enjoying the 50s and 60s of fall. Fall is always short in Memphis. It seems like we go from the 80s to the 30s in only a matter of weeks.
So while we had those nice temperatures, we did several fall-type activities...
We gave Porter a bath. We took a drive...
We took pictures of pretty fall foliage...
And pretty Memphis landmarks...
And more fall leaves...
The first frost came much too quickly for me...
Christmas has also snuck up on us,
despite the fact we decorated on November 15th.
The trees is finally finished, and the outside decorations are completed as well.
I will post more pictures of them soon. We braved the bitter cold on Saturday night to finish our outdoor decorations. They were definitely a work in progress this year.
Of course, I had to take pictures of Shiny Brite boxes. They are my favorite.
Oliver wearing his Christmas ribbon. He isn't a fan.
He does love Christmas greens, so we have to keep them out of his reach!
Our tree before it was decorated.
I love Christmas.

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