Monday, November 8

Cute Christmas Craftiness

Jonathan making beer can cookies in November 2006.

Well, it's here. After weeks of preparation, my busiest work week of the year has arrived. Despite a year of planning, my brain is still in overload, and I'm wondering how I'm going to get everything done. I've already pulled two late-nighters (10:45 last night and 9:30 tonight), but luckily they mostly involved making centerpieces and laying out our 12-page event program. Fun projects! Coupled with some hot tea and Christmas music, late nights really aren't so bad at all. In fact, I think I could do this for a living. Haha!

Right now, I'm really ready for this week to be over, so I can turn my focus to my own arts and crafts. I have several ideas up my sleeve....Here are a few of them:

A holiday garland. After creating my first-ever autumn leaf garland, I decided I should make a festive Christmas one to take its place once November 15 rolls around. My happy leaves are currently gracing our media cabinet and the Breakfast at Tiffany's poster in our dining room. I love them so much. I really have a thing for orange, mustard yellow and olive green this year.

Definitely not garlands but lovely and crafty in their own way...

A December Advent calendar. My dear friend Amber suggested this one. Growing up in England, we always had an Advent calendar. Apparently they are a tradition. Anyway, Amber mentioned that she was making her nearly two-year-old daughter her first Advent calendar garland, and she gave me some much needed inspiration. While Amber's calendar involves adorable homemade stockings with goodies inside, mine will be a piece of festive fabric with 25 doors on it. The doors will be secured with snaps, and we will take one off each day. Underneath the doors, I will attach little ornaments, felt cutouts, rhinestones and other random trinkets. Once I search the house for stuff, we'll be making a trip to Michael's and the local antique markets to search for the remaining mini treasures. I hope Jonathan is ready.
Amber also sent me this wonderful link to the Inspire Co.'s blog. Their new Christmas e-zine is chock full with so many crafty goodies! My mind is racing with inspiration! Plus all of this loveliness gives me one more good excuse to listen to Christmas music and decorate on November 15. :)

One of Amber's adorable stockings.

In case you're wondering why November 15 is our day for decorating, Jonathan and I started that tradition in 2006 when I was sick and needed something to cheer me up (see the beer can cookie picture above). We both love Christmas so much that it stuck, and we've been those obnoxious early decorators ever since. Hurray for the holidays!
What crafty projects do you have up your sleeves this year?

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