Monday, November 8

Cute Christmas Craftiness

Jonathan making beer can cookies in November 2006.

Well, it's here. After weeks of preparation, my busiest work week of the year has arrived. Despite a year of planning, my brain is still in overload, and I'm wondering how I'm going to get everything done. I've already pulled two late-nighters (10:45 last night and 9:30 tonight), but luckily they mostly involved making centerpieces and laying out our 12-page event program. Fun projects! Coupled with some hot tea and Christmas music, late nights really aren't so bad at all. In fact, I think I could do this for a living. Haha!

Right now, I'm really ready for this week to be over, so I can turn my focus to my own arts and crafts. I have several ideas up my sleeve....Here are a few of them:

A holiday garland. After creating my first-ever autumn leaf garland, I decided I should make a festive Christmas one to take its place once November 15 rolls around. My happy leaves are currently gracing our media cabinet and the Breakfast at Tiffany's poster in our dining room. I love them so much. I really have a thing for orange, mustard yellow and olive green this year.

Definitely not garlands but lovely and crafty in their own way...

A December Advent calendar. My dear friend Amber suggested this one. Growing up in England, we always had an Advent calendar. Apparently they are a tradition. Anyway, Amber mentioned that she was making her nearly two-year-old daughter her first Advent calendar garland, and she gave me some much needed inspiration. While Amber's calendar involves adorable homemade stockings with goodies inside, mine will be a piece of festive fabric with 25 doors on it. The doors will be secured with snaps, and we will take one off each day. Underneath the doors, I will attach little ornaments, felt cutouts, rhinestones and other random trinkets. Once I search the house for stuff, we'll be making a trip to Michael's and the local antique markets to search for the remaining mini treasures. I hope Jonathan is ready.
Amber also sent me this wonderful link to the Inspire Co.'s blog. Their new Christmas e-zine is chock full with so many crafty goodies! My mind is racing with inspiration! Plus all of this loveliness gives me one more good excuse to listen to Christmas music and decorate on November 15. :)

One of Amber's adorable stockings.

In case you're wondering why November 15 is our day for decorating, Jonathan and I started that tradition in 2006 when I was sick and needed something to cheer me up (see the beer can cookie picture above). We both love Christmas so much that it stuck, and we've been those obnoxious early decorators ever since. Hurray for the holidays!
What crafty projects do you have up your sleeves this year?

Monday, November 1

Tricks and Treats

October is my second favorite month, right after December. A lot of my October love comes from the fact that I am a grown up child who loves birthdays and Halloween. Lucky for me, I celebrated both in a fun and crazy fashion, despite our hectic schedule. Here are some of the highlights....
Porter giving me his best doggie grin at my party.

Jonathan. There aren't enough words.

Jonathan and Oliver. Ollie looks like he's thinking to himself, "Okay, enough photos already!" My sister, mom and I at my birthday party. Excuse the crazy hair -- I'd been working outside in the 20 mile an hour winds all day.
My pretty pink cake. It was carrot with whole wheat flour and egg replacer. I think she used real milk though. :)
Now for some of our Halloween decorations...
We hung cobwebs on all the pictures...
My first attempt at craftiness in 2010...a leaf garland!
I cut out all the leaves and then stitched it together.
I had so much fun that I made second garland for the front door!
Our first Halloween decoration that we bought at Target our first year in Memphis.
Ghosts and bones from my days at Chandler Ehrlich Advertising. I won the office decorating contest while I was there - the prize was a $50 Wal Mart gift card that Jonathan and I used to buy our first Christmas tree. :)
Our pumpkin. We didn't carve real pumpkins this year because we spent the day running around town looking for Halloween costumes. I'm glad we can enjoy them until Thanksgiving, but I did miss having a real jack-o-lantern on Halloween night.
Porter's sun room ghosties getting their boo on.
My "spider" and webs from the Chandler Ehrlich days.
After spending a few weeks in a Halloween house, we decided it might be fun to make plans for Halloween weekend. What says Halloween better than a tour of a real haunted house in Memphis' Victorian Village? We thought it sounded fun, so dressed in our costumes, we went to check it out....
Jonathan was a 1970s dude. He bought the shirt from our favorite vintage store, Flashback. I'm pretty sure it had never been worn. The glasses and wig came from Mr. Lincoln's Costume Shoppe.
I was trying to go as a 1930's girl ( mine also had to be a vintage costume, naturally), but I think I looked more like a porcelain doll. I loved that dress, which I rented from Mr. Lincoln's Costume Shoppe. It had pearl buttons down the back. I did some quick research on 1930's hair and makeup, and I wore my new Anthro mary janes.
Victorian Village is amazing. We toured the Woodruff-Fontaine House, which is both beautiful and creepy, thanks to two household ghosts. We wanted to end our night at the equally fabulous Molly Fontaine Lounge, which is directly across the street from the mansion. The restaurant was closed for a private party, so we went to Huey's on Madison instead. It was a lot of fun to watch people's faces when they saw Jonathan. :)
We ended our night at our local pub and then walked home in the creepy-cool darkness. It was such a fun Halloween!