Thursday, October 7

It feels like fall

Today we had the perfect fall morning. The air was cool but still. On mornings like this, I enjoy grabbing my camera and taking a few pictures. I do wish I had Photoshop so I could edit them. Sadly, Creative Suite 5 is still on my wish list, and it probably will be for a long time. :(
Oh well. I am clearly an amateur photographer, but this simple activity clears my head. This time of year is crazy for me work-wise, but I still try to enjoy the simple things that make fall special.
Things like pumpkins. I love pumpkins. We visited our local patch on Saturday and came back with these beauties, plus one for our next door neighbor. It's our pumpkin tradition.

Gardening ranks up there along with pumpkin picking. I will buy pansies soon. They are my favorite flower after roses. I think I'm going to choose red, yellow and orange this year. In the meantime, my little white zinnias are still hanging in there. Barely.

I love pumpkins. Did I already mention that? Our yard is full of leaves, and I only raked last Sunday. Right now, these Magnolia leaves are everywhere, but soon the Oak and Pecan leaves will accompany them. Inside we have more pumpkins and leaves, although these leaves are homemade. I'm in the process of making an autumn leaf garland, and I decided to decorate with them while they wait to be strung. I'm pretty sure Jonathan thinks I'm crazy.
In our backyard, the roses are still blooming. This is my favorite bush. It also happens to be the perfect fall color -- orange-pink. :)
More lovely roses are on their way...
The leaves are just starting to turn yellow on our Jane Magnolia.
Even the sunlight looks different in the fall....
It makes me want to drink lots of tea.
I think it's time to bake some pies.

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