Wednesday, October 27

Natural Break

A few weekends ago, Jonathan and I drove to our hometown in Mississippi. The goal was to repair our sick vehicles, but we also spent some time with his family.
On Sunday, we visited their farm, which is about five minutes away from their home and also about five minutes away from the house where I grew up.
Luckily, I had my camera for once, so I was able to document this special occasion.
Jonathan and our niece, enjoying the perfect fall weather.

When we arrived, the cows thought it was time for dinner. Cows might not run, but they walked really fast when they saw my Jeep.

What a sweet, fuzzy face! I hoped to catch the fall colors, but everything was still pretty green. We took a walk in the woods, and Jonathan showed me the little creek that runs through the property.
We found their missing cow who was hiding out because she was about to give birth.
She'd actually already given birth -- we just couldn't tell. She brought new meaning to the words "pregnant cow." Ha!
Beautiful trees.
It's so nice to stop and enjoy nature.
It's a true reminder that beauty is all around us, if we only stop and look for it.
It was such a relaxing afternoon, and it reminded us how lucky we are that we have the opportunity to escape to such a place. Next time we'll take Porter so he can run around and roll in lots of cow patties.
That is, after all, nature at its finest!

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