Monday, September 27

South Main Weekend

You know those Saturdays when you have a million errands to run, and for some reason, you just throw them all out the window? We did that on Saturday. There were a million things we should have done, but instead, we spent the day on South Main. The weather was perfect -- mid-seventies and sunny. I even remembered to bring my camera along for the ride.
If you haven't been to the South Main Arts District, you should check it out. In addition to some cute shops, you can see some of Memphis' most historic sites such as.....
The Arcade Restaurant, Memphis' oldest cafe. It's been serving since 1919.
Ernestine and Hazels, which is featured in just about every movie shot in Memphis.
The inside of Ernestine and Hazel's.
Some of the fabulous decor.
Jonathan checking out the place.
Next, we visited Midtown Bike Company.
We didn't hop on one of the trolleys, but we did enjoy watching them go by...
The last stop was the Lorraine Motel.
It might be the most famous motel in the world.
It looks like it's in a time capsule. It hasn't changed in the 41 years since Dr. King's death. Somehow, that makes it all the more powerful.
If you haven't seen the movie Elizabethtown, you should.
It highlights this part of Memphis in a beautiful way.
After our South Main trip, we went to the "Who Shot Rock" exhibit at the Brooks Museum of Art and then bought a couple of records at Goner.
It was a fitting end to a Memphis Day.

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