Wednesday, September 29

My Week in Italy. Pretty Capri.

Me and Jonathan.
The church where my parents were married.
Fun fact: Giuliana from E! was married there as well.

il faraglioni.

On a pretty bench in the Giardini Augusto.
il faraglioni, Capri's famous rocks. Only one of them is the home of a famous blue lizard.
Isn't that strange?
The way the light hits the rocks is truly incredible. The brown becomes gold.
The lighthouse on Capri. Obviously.
I don't think you can take a bad photo here.
We enjoyed cocktails and a great sunset every night.
il faraglioni. Capri's famous view by day.
Jonathan and my aunt enjoying the view.
Capri is filled with tiny passageways that run straight up and down. You definitely work off all of the pasta and wine, all while getting a stunning view!
I have so many pictures that it's much less daunting to break them down into small posts. Unfortunately, work has been crazy lately, so I haven't had much free time to write those posts. I hope I don't forget the little details of our trip before I get all of my posts on the blog! It's hard to believe, but a month has passed since we left for Italy. September has FLOWN by, and we're nearing October, one of my favorite months. It's also my birthday month, although I don't want to celebrate anymore.
I want to stay 26 forever, please.
Does anyone else feel that way?

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