Thursday, September 30

I'm the owner of a beach cruiser!

It's been a long time coming for our neighborhood. The railroad track that runs through it has been defunct for years, and years ago, it was announced that the track would be made into a greenline. Time passed, and nothing happened. Then we got the news. Construction on the greenline was set to begin. Hurray! Next Saturday it officially opens for business. That hasn't stopped people from using it, but it becomes an "official" greenline on October 9. They're having parties and everything. Jonathan and I knew it was time to purchase the bikes we've been talking about forever. Our friend Anna bought one a few weeks ago, and her excitement made ours even greater. We did our homework for weeks and strongly considered buying local. However, I stumbled across this website, and I'm not going to lie -- all thoughts of buying local went out the window. I had to have a Chubby's bike from Culver City, California. I just had to. It didn't hurt that Chubby's bikes were cheaper, the right colors and genuine beach cruisers. Yes, I'm biased. Sue me. I want to bike on Manhattan Beach's boardwalk someday, and I need a beach cruiser to do so. But seriously, don't you want one too?

This is my bike. :)

This is my basket. :)

And this is my bell. :) I'm in love.

Now I need the perfect helmet...
I'm thinking about one of these. Star Bright is my favorite.

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