Thursday, September 30

I'm the owner of a beach cruiser!

It's been a long time coming for our neighborhood. The railroad track that runs through it has been defunct for years, and years ago, it was announced that the track would be made into a greenline. Time passed, and nothing happened. Then we got the news. Construction on the greenline was set to begin. Hurray! Next Saturday it officially opens for business. That hasn't stopped people from using it, but it becomes an "official" greenline on October 9. They're having parties and everything. Jonathan and I knew it was time to purchase the bikes we've been talking about forever. Our friend Anna bought one a few weeks ago, and her excitement made ours even greater. We did our homework for weeks and strongly considered buying local. However, I stumbled across this website, and I'm not going to lie -- all thoughts of buying local went out the window. I had to have a Chubby's bike from Culver City, California. I just had to. It didn't hurt that Chubby's bikes were cheaper, the right colors and genuine beach cruisers. Yes, I'm biased. Sue me. I want to bike on Manhattan Beach's boardwalk someday, and I need a beach cruiser to do so. But seriously, don't you want one too?

This is my bike. :)

This is my basket. :)

And this is my bell. :) I'm in love.

Now I need the perfect helmet...
I'm thinking about one of these. Star Bright is my favorite.

Wednesday, September 29

My Week in Italy. Pretty Capri.

Me and Jonathan.
The church where my parents were married.
Fun fact: Giuliana from E! was married there as well.

il faraglioni.

On a pretty bench in the Giardini Augusto.
il faraglioni, Capri's famous rocks. Only one of them is the home of a famous blue lizard.
Isn't that strange?
The way the light hits the rocks is truly incredible. The brown becomes gold.
The lighthouse on Capri. Obviously.
I don't think you can take a bad photo here.
We enjoyed cocktails and a great sunset every night.
il faraglioni. Capri's famous view by day.
Jonathan and my aunt enjoying the view.
Capri is filled with tiny passageways that run straight up and down. You definitely work off all of the pasta and wine, all while getting a stunning view!
I have so many pictures that it's much less daunting to break them down into small posts. Unfortunately, work has been crazy lately, so I haven't had much free time to write those posts. I hope I don't forget the little details of our trip before I get all of my posts on the blog! It's hard to believe, but a month has passed since we left for Italy. September has FLOWN by, and we're nearing October, one of my favorite months. It's also my birthday month, although I don't want to celebrate anymore.
I want to stay 26 forever, please.
Does anyone else feel that way?

Monday, September 27

South Main Weekend

You know those Saturdays when you have a million errands to run, and for some reason, you just throw them all out the window? We did that on Saturday. There were a million things we should have done, but instead, we spent the day on South Main. The weather was perfect -- mid-seventies and sunny. I even remembered to bring my camera along for the ride.
If you haven't been to the South Main Arts District, you should check it out. In addition to some cute shops, you can see some of Memphis' most historic sites such as.....
The Arcade Restaurant, Memphis' oldest cafe. It's been serving since 1919.
Ernestine and Hazels, which is featured in just about every movie shot in Memphis.
The inside of Ernestine and Hazel's.
Some of the fabulous decor.
Jonathan checking out the place.
Next, we visited Midtown Bike Company.
We didn't hop on one of the trolleys, but we did enjoy watching them go by...
The last stop was the Lorraine Motel.
It might be the most famous motel in the world.
It looks like it's in a time capsule. It hasn't changed in the 41 years since Dr. King's death. Somehow, that makes it all the more powerful.
If you haven't seen the movie Elizabethtown, you should.
It highlights this part of Memphis in a beautiful way.
After our South Main trip, we went to the "Who Shot Rock" exhibit at the Brooks Museum of Art and then bought a couple of records at Goner.
It was a fitting end to a Memphis Day.

Friday, September 24

Happy Birthday, Little Sister!

My sister is 24 today. The scary thing? I remember sitting in our kitchen eating Goldfish crackers with my Grandma on the day she was born.

Lauren brought me a car when she came into the world. How many three year olds get a car when their kid sister is born? It was one of those red and yellow Little Tikes cars. We still have it in our attic.

Man, that's a cool sister....

P.S. In researching the Little Tikes cars, I discovered a fun fact - they are currently selling the 30th anniversary edition. I am a bit disturbed that it has a face. Other than that, it hasn't changed much over the years.

Happy Birthday, Lauren.

I hope all of your Birthday wishes come true.

Friday, September 17

Fashion Inspiration: Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore is not the most obvious fashion inspiration, but I felt she was a worthy candidate for several reasons.
1.) The October 2010 cover of Harper's Bazaar - if you haven't seen the photos, you should check them out here. She is stunning.
Drew in In Style - March 1999.
2.) I've grown up with Drew. It started with ET, but I was contemplating this blog last night, I realized Drew has influenced much more for me.
I bought my first fashion magazine, Seventeen, in December 1995. This was long before celebrities were featured on the covers of magazines, but there was a story about three different celebrities' styles. This was Drew's flower child era, but I remember that her daisy hair clips and clear plastic purse greatly appealed to 12-year-old me.
A few years later in 1999, my dad brought home my first issue of In Style magazine (See the cover above. You can read an excerpt from the article here. Drew was on the cover of that one, and her home (which burned a short while after the photo shoot) and dogs were highlighted. In addition to these life-changing magazine moments, there were also a few little movies that had an impact on my generation -- namely Ever After, Never Been Kissed, Charlie's Angels and her multiple movie partnerships with Adam Sandler. While they might not have been Oscar-worthy, all of them highlighted strong, independent women.
3.) She's truly found herself. In recent years, Drew has made few career (0r fashion) missteps. Although she is Hollywood royalty, she had a less than desirable childhood, some serious growing pains and a few moments that would make most of us want to crawl under a rock. Not Drew. She seems comfortable with her whole person. It's a beautiful, admirable thing.
A radiant Drew at a movie premiere.
Out and about in a look that borders on wacky, but works. Cutting edge shoes and a short, sleek hairstyle.
Grey Gardens. Little Edie's style influenced Drew's style following the movie's release.
Rockstar cool.
This is glamour done right.
Classic Drew.
I love her sixties-inspired makeup.
Drew and boyfriend Justin Long.
Rocking a cool necklace and great hair.
Another sixties-inspired look that I love.
This was when she was starting to find herself, around the time that Charlie's Angels came out.
I love this dress.
A retro look, but somehow she makes it modern.
All photos found via Google Images.