Sunday, August 8

The Last Few Weeks of Summer....

Zinnias are a summer gardener's best friend.
The bumble bees love this plant. I forget the name of it though.
Our front porch.
Our sad hydrangea. It was way too hot for it this year.
My granny chic bench and welcome sign from Manhattan Beach.
The peach rose bush had 10+ roses this week!
So did the pale pink florabunda!
It's still way too hot in Memphis. Friday was our "cool" day -- the high was in the mid-nineties.
I was craving fall so badly that I made pumpkin brownies on Friday night.
FYI - Pumpkin + 100-degree weather = just plain weird
I think I'll stick to peach and lemon flavored treats from now on.

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  1. The plant in the second picture is a hyssop and will self seed prolifically if allowed!


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