Saturday, August 28

It's Almost September....Time for Goal Updates!

Wow, where did the summer go? School is back in session, the air is starting to cool just a little and we're about to starting building homes again (I work for Habitat for Humanity where we build in the spring and fall).
With that in mind, I realized it might be a good time to update my goals for the year. I haven't really given them much thought lately, but luckily I still have a few months to work on them!
1. Eat more home-cooked meals. I aced this one. By going vegan, we rarely eat out anymore unless its sushi. Believe it or not, I'm loving every minute or it. I feel good, and I'm never bloated or too full.
2. Visit the local farmer's market. Since we don't eat out anymore, we go to the farmer's market and Whole Foods and spend our "going out" money on fresh, local and/or organic food. It's been wonderful.
3. Exercise my mind, body and spirit. Hmm, we are doing pretty well with the gym part, but the church and reading parts still need work. I hope we find the right place soon. At the end of the day, that is the most important thing of all.
4. Learn some Italian. I love, love, LOVE the free Italian apps, and I've actually learned a few good phrases. :)
5. Visit the places that are dear to my heart: England, Italy and California. We're going to Italy and California this year. No England trip though.
6. Nurture my rose garden every day. It's been so hot that I've totally neglected my plants this summer. I prune the roses about once a week, and sadly, I've only been watering them about that much as well. I'm hoping I'll enjoy some garden time this fall.
7. Learn to knit and embroider. No luck here yet!
8. Buy bicycles. Again, the heat squashed this goal. The green way path in our neighborhood is set to open in October, so I think we're going to purchase some bikes at that time.
9. Blog and take photos. I'm still blogging, but I haven't been too consistent this month. I'll do better in September. I just bought a new journal, so I plan to write down ideas as they come. I think that will help inspire lots of blog posts.
10. Dream, create, do. Love everyone. With my body and food changes, I feel better, but I still need to work on changing my overall attitude. I find that it's so easy to complain instead of focusing on the positive things, and I want to get away from that. I have so much to be grateful for, and I need to remember that every single day. We all need to remember that. There are so many people who are truly suffering. We have it easy!
Did you set any goals for the year? How are your personal goals coming along?

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