Thursday, August 19

Fashion Inspiration: Jennifer Aniston

As I contemplate my fall wardrobe, I always come back to Jennifer Aniston's classic style. With her, it's all about good basics and pretty, polished accessories. Although she rarely surprises, she also rarely makes a fashion misstep. Plus her hair always looks stunning. I'm guessing she doesn't hang out in the South much....
Wearing a classic white shirt and jeans in The Break Up.

Another classic white shirt, also in The Break Up.
Going for a funkier look in Along Came Polly.
That's a ponytail done right!
Classic black dress and gold accessories. She often wears multiples to add personality... or flair, if you prefer. :)
Slightly beachy for the red carpet.
Casual done right.
I love this dress and the natural heels.
Classic white and blue jeans again.
She also loves tanks.
Who wouldn't with those arms??

She may have lost Brad, but she won the style war. :)

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