Wednesday, August 4

Farmer's Market Treats, The Hottest Day of the Year and Yummy Vegan Pesto

Apples, peaches and nectarines from the CY Farmer's Market.
All make perfect snacks on the hottest day of the year!
Cinnamon basil from the Farmer's Market. It inspired the below antics... Can fruit be beautiful? In a Anthropologie bowl, yes. :)
Tomatoes, plums and sweet potatoes - all local!

Yesterday the heat index reached 120. What's even crazier is that we took Porter for a walk. We only made it around the block (Porter's decision), but still. Who walks on a day when it feels like 120?
In honor of the hottest day of the year and maybe the century, I made homemade pesto sauce to go with our spinach spaghetti from Whole Foods. It was good stuff, so I thought it was worth sharing.

Vegan Pesto Sauce

Adapted from Vegan Spoonful

-3 cups or more of fresh basil
-3 or more cloves of garlic
-4 to 6 tbsp of walnuts
-Crushed red pepper flakes to taste
-Oregano flakes to taste
- Salt to taste
-Pepper to taste
-1/4 cup of nutritional yeast (found at Whole Foods)
-At least 6 tbsp of good olive oil (mine is from Trader Joe's. You jealous, fellow Memphians?)
-Two large tomatoes, diced

Place basil, garlic and walnuts in a food processor. I tried the blender at first, and we lost a wooden spoon in the process. Oops! Next we rewashed all of the basil, cleaned some more garlic, and then pulled out the food processor like normal people. Why didn't we use the food processor in the first place? 1.) It scares me 2.) The original recipe said I could. Please note that this was my sister and I in the kitchen. Jonathan wasn't involved. He's usually the voice of reason in such situations.

It probably would have worked better if I hadn't stuck the spoon in the blender before the blades had stopped spinning.

Oh well.

That's why we don't buy our spoons at Williams Sonoma.
Once the basil, walnuts and garlic are finely chopped, add olive oil and blend until smooth. Then add yeast, tomatoes and additional seasonings and blend until smooth. I always add more garlic and seasonings because I like really flavorful pesto. :)

Serve on pasta or bread or paninis or whatever you fancy.

It's good stuff.

On a side note, I plan to store seeds from my basil plants for next year. I'll share a blog post about that later. I'm excited to become a real gardener who keeps seeds. I hope it works. I'll be so disappointed if my little seeds don't survive!n Right now, they're drying on my kitchen windowsill. They look a lot like bugs, which is a little freaky.

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