Sunday, July 4

Summer is...

Well, the weekend painting project is complete! Our guest bedroom is completely refreshed and perfect for summer.
Here's a little peek...more photos to come!
In addition to the painting project, which took up Thursday, Friday and most of Saturday, we made time to go to our local Farmers Market. These peaches were one of our buys.
We also bought these yummy blackberries that I have been eating straight from the box. Zucchini, tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, and sweet potatoes were our other buys. We love the farmers market.
To go with our summery foods, here are a few shots of the roses. Right now, only this bush is covered in blooms. It happens to be one of my favorites.
It smells as good as it looks.
Our herbs also smell wonderful!
Don't you love summer?
Happy Fourth of July!

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