Monday, July 19

One Week of Veganism

So I just finished week one of my vegan experiment. Here's a summary of my week: 1. Being vegan really isn't that hard for me. To be fair, I wasn't eating much meat before last Tuesday, and I don't really like milk that much. I'm really only missing cheese and the occasional bite of something with eggs and white sugar (read: cookies!). 2. I'm experimenting in the kitchen. During week one we've eaten Cuban sweet potatoes, whole wheat pasta with pesto sauce, chili rellenos, lots of salads and tons of veggies, beans, grains and fruits. 3. We spent an hour in Whole Foods on Sunday and enjoyed every second of it. We left with lots of new foods, and most of them were organic and healthy. Score! 4. We shopped at the Memphis Farmer's Market and the new Trolley Stop Market. I love the TSM. We'll be going there for local veggies and fruit when we can't get to the Memphis Farmers Market. 5. We ate at a Japanese restaurant, and I ate veggie sushi and veggie teriyaki. I didn't miss the chicken or tempura-fried shrimp. I am going to learn how to make vegan tempura though! I asked - the restaurant's tempura had eggs in it. Boo. 6. There are a lot of cheese and milk alternatives that aren't dairy or soy based. I bought rice milk this week. I haven't tried it yet, but I'll let you know if it's any good. 7. I feel good. Since I began this experiment, I've been less grumpy. I've also been very excited about trying new things and going to the gym. Jonathan is also getting on board with (some) of my vegan habits, and he's feeling better as well. Also, after eight months of exercise, I FINALLY lost a few pounds (4). This isn't about weight loss, but it certainly doesn't hurt! Bring on week two!

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