Wednesday, July 21

It's Awfully Hot To Work In My Garden...

The crape myrtles don't seem to mind the heat.
Neither do the heat-loving lantanas. My verbena, marigolds and zinnas aren't quite as heat tolerant. The roses seem okay, but they aren't growing as quickly as they usually do.
They're also starting to get some shade from the crape myrtles.
In their case, that's not a good thing. Roses love the sun.
The crape myrtles are so lovely though!
I even brought a few crape myrtle clippings in the house. They're just too pretty.

The house is where I've been hiding lately. It is way too hot to be in the garden more than an hour at a time. I hope we get some relief soon. We've had 90 to 100 degree days for a month now, and it's wearing us (and the flowers) out.

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