Monday, June 21

Well Styled Movie: You've Got Mail

Sorry I've been MIA lately. Work has been a bit overwhelming. Luckily, most of the stress is behind me now, and I'm finally able to go back to a 9-5 schedule. Thank blog and my garden are suffering! The one thing that hasn't been suffering lately is my workout schedule. With the craziness at work, it's a good way to release stress. Anyway, during one of my recent gym visits, You've Got Mail was on TV. I've always loved that movie. There are just so many good things going on - how can you not love it? One of my favorite things about it is Meg Ryan's apartment. It's so homey and cheery. It seems like she's inherited all of her grandmother and mother's furniture, and then added her own flair to it. I literally can watch the movie just to see her apartment - it's wonderfully inspiring and full of character. Her clothes are pretty awesome as well -- lots of classic neutrals! I especially love her outfit at the end of the movie. Here are some movie stills I found via Google images. Enjoy!
Meg's sunny kitchen. I love the bread box under the table.
Usually I'm not a fan of oak furniture, but it works in this space.
Notice how many lamps are in this space.
The kitchen's french doors and vintage floor.
Her grandma couch. I love it.
The end-of-the-movie dress and cardigan. My favorite.
The molding, the bookshelves, the plates on the wall - I love it all!
Such a cozy space!
I love the wide assortment of art on the walls. It adds to the visual interest of the space.
Piles of books and mismatched bedding!
Classic t-shirt and sweater combo.
Twinkle lights and a gray sweater. Heavenly.
Flowers and books.

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