Tuesday, June 22

Well Styled Movie: Under The Tuscan Sun

Apparently it's movie week around here. As you may remember, I first blogged about the book Under The Tuscan Sun earlier this year. It's one of my all-time favorites that I've read over and over again. The book is written so well that you can visualize everything Frances Mayes talks about even if you've never been to Italy. Fortunately for me, I've been to Italy many times. My only living grandparent (my paternal grandmother) lives in Naples with my aunt, uncle and their children. It's been years since I've visited Italy, but this book instantly takes me there. I can taste the food and wine, see the vivid colors of the sunflowers, grasses and villas, and hear the voices of Italy's people. This book is truly a treat for the senses. Plus it focuses on the important things in life - simple pleasures like family and friends, food and a cool old villa. It's simply magical. The movie isn't the best ever, but I enjoy it for the cinematography and the villa itself. There weren't many pictures from the movie on Google images, but here are a few:
Like I said, the book and the movie are all about food. Check out the farm table and beautiful plates on the wall in the background. This movie and book will make you want to cook and drink lots of wine...
Books, a cat, flowers, and the most beautiful shutters I've ever seen...I adore that color.

I want this bed. I wish I had a close up to show you...

Pretty flowers.

Those delightful shutters and an Italian terrace. My husband is not Italian and has never been to Italy, but he loves true Italian food. I can't wait to share it with him this summer. Yes, we're going to Italy this summer! We just booked our tickets, and we are very excited!

Talk about a romantic trip. Good food, good wine, lots of walks around Roma, Napoli and Capri.

Non vedo l'ora di andare in Italia.

The above quote is courtesy of Google Translate.

Now it's time to work on our Italian. :)

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