Thursday, June 24

Well Styled Movie: The Holiday

This week, I'm really inspired by pretty movie homes (obviously). I've already profiled a New York brownstone apartment and an Italian villa. Now it's time for the lovely English cottage from The Holiday. If you haven't seen this movie, it's set in my two favorite places - England and Los Angeles. The L.A. house is way too modern for me, but the English cottage is one of my all-time favorite houses. Unfortunately, this house was built for the movie, but there are so many really wonderful English cottages in my birth country that it doesn't matter. Sigh! The character who lives in this cottage is Iris, played by the always incredible Kate Winslet. Iris is a romantic journalist, and her home reflects that perfectly. You would have no idea that the home was decorated by a famous interior designer, but it was. You can read more about him by clicking on the links below. Very cool stuff. Now it's time to admire some of his handy work:
Iris's airy library.

The kitchen

The exterior of the cottage.
The cozy living room.
The teeny bath with the cutest little window! Cameron Diaz's character enjoys the snowy English day.
The entry. Love the wellies and the sweet front door!
A different view of the living room.
The bedroom.
Another view of the living room and entry.
I love the way everything is mismatched, but it somehow goes together. It's not too old-fashioned - it just looks lived-in and loved. It's especially magical during the scenes at night. It also doesn't hurt that the movie takes place during the Christmas season, my absolute favorite time of year....
It's been 100 degrees in Memphis for the past few weeks. I'm very ready for the Christmas season right now.
P.S. - For more information about the home's designer, visit this amazing blog, Cote de Texas. For more about cool movie houses, visit Hooked on Houses. Both blogs have really great stories and definitely worth a visit. :)

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