Tuesday, June 29

Summer Redecorating Project

This weekend, we're rolling up our sleeves and starting our guest bedroom painting project. The orange, although pretty in the late afternoon light, is starting to grate on my nerves.
It also highlights all of the imperfections on our walls...which is never a good thing.
I've always been inspired by the beach, and this room is going to become much more beach-like in the weeks to come. The walls will be painted a creamy vanilla, and the bedding will also be shades of white and cream. I'll probably add a few old comforters on the end of the bed for good measure. The room can't be too white in our house filled with yellows, faded reds and blues! It would look strange!
To go along with the bedroom redo, I framed up a few of my recent beach photos. The top photo is of the palm tree in my grandma's backyard, and the bottom photo is the lifeguard station in Manhattan Beach, California. These two will go in the dining room.
These three will go in the new guest bedroom. The top one is from Manhattan Beach, and the bottom two are from Palos Verdes Estates, where my mother grew up. The bottom photo is of La Venta Inn. My great-grandmother's home overlooked this beauty (and beyond it, the ocean). Can you imagine that? Sigh!
No wonder I long to live by the ocean....
More photos of our progress to follow. Also, coming soon - garden photos!

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