Tuesday, June 1

I'm a Bad Blogger and Some Three-Day Weekend Inspiration

May was not a good month for me, blogwise. I've had the inspiration, but I haven't had the time. To be fair to myself, I did try to post a blog last Monday, but my pictures wouldn't upload for some reason. I guess Blogger had a case of the Mondays.

In other news, I'm really craving a trip to the beach right now. As you've probably noticed from other posts, this is not an uncommon occurrence for me. If I could, I would live on the beach. Unfortunately, there isn't a beach trip (or move) planned in our near future, so we improvised - I updated our living room with shells, white candles and summery books (pictures to follow), and we listened to summertime records. Among our new favorites are a couple of late 1950s-early 1960s Hawaiian albums that I snagged for 99 cents and 25 cents each. The only thing missing was a trip to Porter's kiddie pool. :)

Here's to four-day work weeks and being a better blog in the month of June.

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