Thursday, May 6

Summer Thoughts....

Summer is...

A view of the ocean, bay, etc. (Newport Beach, CA.)

A big margarita, wavy hair and a super comfy sundress.

Porter in his pool.

Being lazy, even if it's just for a moment. (Newport Beach - Summer 2009)
This time of year, I crave a real summer, and I wish I was a teacher.
Seriously, teachers have the best vacation schedules. Their schedule alone almost makes me want to go back to school for whatever it takes to teach high school journalism, history and English.
But in the back of my mind, I know summer vacation wouldn't be so fun if I was spending it alone.
I do miss lazy days of reading every book I could get my hands on, sleeping late, long trips to California and that ultimate thrill of knowing there wasn't going to be any school in the forecast for THREE months.
High School and college kids take note: this three month break from work does not last forever.
Summer, in my opinion, is the least fun part of being a working person. Unless there is a trip planned, it's just business as usual. Oh yeah, there is one little holiday - thank you, founding fathers. :)
To make up for the fact we do have to work, we get especially excited about weekends, plan trips to the farmers market, plant lots of pretty flowers and wear breezy clothes.
There will be some sandal purchases and perhaps some Popsicle or ice cream making.
We will continue to open our windows as long as humanly possible...
Speaking of these things, it's getting hot here in Memphis. When the calendar switched to May, the temperature shot up. It was 90 yesterday, and it's going to be 90 and 87 the next two days.
It is supposed to be 73 on Saturday, which will be nice.
Still, I think the days of opening the windows at 5 p.m. may be numbered. Our new windows have definitely helped us this year though. We haven't turned on the AC once so far.
What a wonderful, green investment that feels like summer. It's almost as good as a trip to the beach....almost.
I guess that's a good thing. Since the windows were so expensive, there won't be a summer beach trip for us this year. To make up for that, we're going to be super creative and try to come up with lots of fun, summertime things to do here at home.
I'll share them on the blog with the hope of spreading some summer cheer.
What are you doing right now to celebrate summer? Do you have any fun summer plans? I hope so! :)

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