Tuesday, May 4

Roses: Week Two (After the Flood)

Our brand-new Midas Touch Rose
I rescued this rose bush from the shadiest part of our yard last year. Our first year in the house, it only bloomed once and then looked really sickly the rest of the summer. I was so scared that I would kill it (I have no idea how long it had been there), but look at it now!
The floribunda One of two New Dawn Climbing Rose Bushes (you can see the other one in the background) that came with our house...These were out of control the first year, and I ruined several gardening outfits trying to cut them back. Jonathan wasn't sure if they were worth all the trouble... Now we think they are.
Aren't they amazing? There are hundreds of blooms on them already...
A pansy in my planter. There haven't been pansies here in at least a year...
My little Angel Face Rose.
Okay, so maybe I won't do rose updates every week, but after the floods we had over the weekend, I thought it was necessary. Clearly I wasn't watering enough (ahem, at all) because after the 12 inches of rain we received on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, everything is in full bloom.
The tornado sirens went off at least ten times from Saturday at 4 a.m. until Sunday at 2:30 a.m., but we didn't see anything more than a lot of rain and some eerie winds (a little Twister-like). It was quite exhausting. Apparently it was the worst weather this state has seen in at least ten years. Poor Millington (a little north of us) and Nashville (east) didn't fair as well. They are recovering from some devastating flooding. They are in our prayers.


  1. Gorgeous! I'm so glad that the flood didn't destroy the roses - it's good to see something nice come out of it.

  2. Thanks Alli! I worried about them all weekend. They were literally submerged for a while, but I think they must have liked it! :)


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