Wednesday, May 19

A Happy Day

I promise to post more later, but Oliver's bloodwork and x-rays came back okay. The vet still wants to do more tests on his fecal, urine and blood samples, but for now, he's on new food (Duck and Green Pea flavored - very gourmet!), and he starts some medication tomorrow.
We are so grateful for our miracle. His calcium went from highly elevated to the top end of normal. We're still not out of the woods yet, but for now we are okay.
Thank you so much for your prayers and support. Our little family is so grateful.
On a side note, my husband accepted a new job today. It seems small compared to the health of one of our family members, but we are also excited about that.
To celebrate, we're walking down to our neighborhood pub for a beer, and then we're bringing home a High Point Pizza to eat in the company of Ollie and Porter. For those of you in the Memphis area, be sure to check HPP out sometime. It's the best in Memphis!

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