Tuesday, May 4

An Education and Other Movies

While the world outside was getting incredibly soggy this past weekend, Jonathan and I stayed home and had a movie marathon. Six movies were rented, which is a rarity in our world of continuous weekend projects. Apparently we need the occasional flood to sit back and relax... On the watch list was Crazy Heart, Avatar, Pirate Radio, Up in the Air, The Blindside and An Education. (Embarrassingly enough, when I writing out this list, I couldn't remember The Blindside - the movie that is based on the life of Michael Oher, who was a star football player at Ole Miss while I was there...he is also from Memphis...oops!) All of the movies were good and totally worth seeing at least once. All of them, with the exception of Pirate Radio, were nominated for at least one Oscar this year. They lived up to their Oscar hype. Rent them the next time a flood is headed your way. :) An Education wins my personal award for great fashion (isn't movie watching all about the fashion?). Set in 1960s London, the movie introduces us to 16-year-old Jenny, a brilliant student whose parents and English teacher want to see her attend Oxford University. I won't go into the plot details, but I did fall madly in love with Jenny's shift dresses, mod accessories and school girl uniforms. I definitely have a soft spot for British school uniforms. From age four to eight, I wore one to school every single day. Here in Memphis, school uniforms are the norm, but they usually involve khakis and polo shirts. In England we wore shirts, pinafores, ties and knee socks in the winter, and plaid dresses (with bobby socks!) in the summer. There were matching satchels, hats, swimsuits, rain boots, rain coats and gym clothes. Needless to say, it was easy to dress for school. If you want to see the 2010 version of this uniform, you can visit my old school's web site. :) If you haven't seen the movie, here are a few glimpses of Carey Mulligan's great movie style....
Are you inspired to dress this way yet? I was...

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