Wednesday, April 21

My Happy Place

The Jane Magnolia, our flowers in a birdbath and a tiki torch to keep the mosquitoes away. Our happy place.
Work in progress: the new deck (still to be stained), the new siding (still to be painted) and one big black dog. We're hoping to add to the deck (on the right) so we can have a dining area. We love eating outdoors and grilling with friends. Right now we just bring our kitchen table (it's a little bistro set) outside when we want to eat on the deck. The bistro table seats two, which is a bit of a problem...
Porter. All the spots/holes in the yard are his fault. You'd never guess that, would you?
Our newly stained fence.
The new rose bed. I can't wait for these little guys to get bigger!
One of my blog friends, Alli, recently did a post on her blog, One Pearl Button, entitled "Happy Place." I think we all have at least one of these. In my case, I actually have three - my family home in Mississippi at Christmastime, any quiet beach with my husband, and the backyard with my husband and our crazy pets.
This is our backyard. We've been slaving away in it nonstop since February, and the work is almost done! We (Jonathan) stained the fence, built a new bed for my roses, mulched all of the beds and planted some new flowers. We picked up our new flowers on our adventure this past Saturday. Among our flower purchases: three rose bushes (pink, yellow and purple), calypso, verbena, herbs (basil, oregano, English thyme and cilantro), citronella and zinnias. We went to Dabney's, this incredible garden center that reminded me so much of the nurseries we went to when we lived in England. We will definitely be heading back there sooner rather than later. It was so much fun.
We still have some siding and our Adirondack chairs to paint and our new deck to stain, but overall our happy place is really starting to come together.
Don't you love it when you work really, really hard on something, and it finally starts to look the way you always dreamed it could?
This yard really makes us happy.

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