Wednesday, April 28

A Little Rain Makes A Big Difference...

A week has passed, and look what's in my garden! My first rose of the year!
Not surprisingly, it's on the bush I planted for my grandmother...
she loved her Mr. Lincoln rose bush so much.
Two roses on it already! And look!
My little floribunda has a bloom as well! A pink bloom!
And look at these pretty zinnias!
The Hostas under our Magnolia are also growing like weeds...
Here's a view of our zinnia bed...we've planted zinnias here the past three years.
They always do really well.
A close up of our front porch flower pot.
And our windows, freshly stained shutters and fence, new mulch and all...
the only things missing are the flower boxes.
I love it when the trees start to get their leaves in the springtime....Sigh!
So does Porter...Leafy trees mean shade!

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  1. Beautiful! I would love to grow roses someday. I can't wait to see your bushes in full bloom!


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