Wednesday, April 14

Exciting Weekend Ahead

The last few weekends have been incredibly busy, and they've felt an awful lot like an extension of the work week. I'm glad we're getting these projects behind us, especially since we're still not done *cringe*, but we're ready for some fun. The weather is supposed to be pretty again this weekend, and we're due for some fun. Here are our plans for the weekend.... We're going to the Memphis Farmer's Market on Saturday...It's opening day! According to their web site, they're going to have lots of lettuces and strawberries, as well as herbs and flowers. We're also going to check out the possibility of joining a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture). I'm so excited. After loading up on veggies at the MFM, we're going to my favorite midtown antique store, Toad Hall, for their Anniversary Sale. I'm hoping to find some pretty linens from my favorite vendors, Kate and Elise. If the day couldn't already be cool enough, it's also Record Store Day, so we're going to our favorite record store, Goner Records, to check out some vinyl. After those trips, we're going to switch to working mode for a while, because we have to pick up some mulch for the yard work we're planning to do on Sunday. There's this great place down the street from us where they'll put a huge scoop of mulch in the back of your pickup truck for $20. It's so much cheaper to buy mulch that way. Thank goodness for trucks! After that, we're going to head out to Dan West Garden Center to look at rose bushes for my new bed, and then we're going to Anthropologie! I've been having Anthropologie withdrawals for a few weeks now, and it's time to see all the new pretty things they have for spring. I'm just going for the inspiration, of course! I will be back later with the recipe for the strawberry pie shown above. Strawberry pie and lemonade are perfect this time of year. This one was especially yummy. What are your fun plans for the weekend?

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