Tuesday, March 30

Soup's On!

Confession: I love homemade soup in the fall/winter/early spring. I could happily make a crockpot full of soup every Sunday and eat it all week for the majority of the year. It's so simple, hearty and good. This recipe has a bit of spice to it, and for some reason, it seems like more of a springtime soup to me. It worked really well last week when we had an equal mix of cold and warm days. I'm not really sure why, but I promise that it's really good. Semi-Mexican Soup - One 32 ounce box of low-sodium chicken broth/veggie broth - Five or six large tomatoes, chopped - Two bell peppers, preferably red, yellow or orange, diced - One tsp. cumin - One or two large onions, diced - One fresh jalepeno pepper, diced, or several pickled jalepeno slices (we like our soup hot, so we add a bunch!) - A couple of tablespoons of minced garlic, based on your preference - Three cups of dry black beans - Several cups of frozen corn - Three boiled chicken breasts (optional) - One tsp. oregano Warning: When we're making soup, we tend to add more/less veggies based on what we have. Don't follow the exact measurements for the soup - use your instincts. Plus it's a fun way to cook. :) Cook your chicken in a pot of water on the stove on high heat. It'll be white when it's ready. Cut the chicken into pieces. While the chicken is boiling, chop your veggies. Throw everything into your crockpot and cook for six-eight hours or until the beans are soft. Add water/additional spices as needed. :) Enjoy with a salad, baked tortillas (cut them into triangles and bake on 450 for homemade chips) or french bread!

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