Friday, March 19

The Perfect Spring Day

For those lucky enough to be on Spring Break in Memphis, I'm so jealous. The weather is perfect today - 70 degrees and a cloudless sky. I feel like I'm in Southern California. Since I'm working today (currently on my lunch break), I wanted to share some photos of the lovely weather and our backyard that is finally starting to come to life. At work, I've pulled open the curtain on my tiny window as far as it will go so I can enjoy some of this sunshine. I've missed you, Mr. Sun! This is our Jane Magnolia - March snows killed it the first two years we were in our house. I think it's going to make it this year. Hurray!
More pretty flowers - not sure what this is called. I seriously need to look it up. We had a fake version of it on our dining room buffet that our cat recently decided he loves to eat. It now lives on our tallest bookshelf in the guest room.
Our new deck. We're staining it and the fence over the next few weekends. Jonathan cleaned the fence two weekends ago. It looks so much better already!
My garden book from Store B in Chicago. :)
One of my new Anthropologie purchases. I fell for the details.
Isn't it lovely?
This Anthro dress has lovely details as well (ruffles and lace on the petticoat), and it was on sale!
Yes, I'm a sucker for details...
Perfect new spring clothes for a perfect day! To add to the perfection, the Memphis Anthropologie store opens today! Although I've reached my shopping quota for the month (read: the next three!), I'm stopping by tonight to check it out. I have to see how it stacks up to Nashville's store! :)

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