Tuesday, March 23

March Pretties

Oh my goodness, I can't believe March is almost over! Time is flying by these days. I wish I could slow it down a bit...don't you? Especially on the weekends! :) Speaking of weekends, I broke my own no-more-shopping-in-the-month-of-March rule last weekend when I went "browsing" at Toad Hall Antiques, one of the cutest antique stores in Memphis. It's located in Midtown in a crumbly old building, and everything is so nicely arranged that it just makes you want to shop! I didn't go crazy (I'm pretty well-trained, after all!), but I did put up two little presents for myself:
Pretty "Picnic" Napkins (as shown with my vintage cookbooks).

I couldn't pass them up - I love the yellow stripes and the sweet little flowers. Plus they were in mint condition!

I also found this beautiful Florentine icon. I bought one for my mother for her birthday late last year, and I never thought I'd find another one in Memphis. I got this one for under $20!
While we're on the subject of pretty things, I bought this little painting in January. I bought it because of the pink roses of course, but also because the artist shares my grandmother's name - Joan. It was just too sweet. :)
Finally, since we're on the subject of spring, I thought I'd share my grandmother's little bird that I brought home from California last summer. Isn't he funny? He looks so inquisitive! He makes me smile every day.
I'm so glad it's warming back up again today. It was 72 on Friday and Saturday, but then it dropped to 35 on Sunday and it rained all day on Sunday and Monday! Really cold rain after two days of warm and sunny was not fun at all!
I'll be back later this week with a recipe post (we made Mexican chicken soup this week, and it's great!) and an inspiration post....not sure if it's going to be home or fashion yet. :)
Here's wishing everyone a warm spring day!

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  1. Great finds! I love your napkins - they are perfect for spring.


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