Friday, March 5

Fashion Inspiration: Carolyn Bessette Kennedy

When thinking of fashionable women of the late twentieth century, few can compare to Carolyn Bessette Kennedy. This is not only because she was married America's version of royalty, but because she had a truly impeccable sense of style and a beautiful face. Yes, it's been done before - the long, platinum hair, the red lips and the black and camel wardrobe - but Carolyn made it look effortless while standing in the brightest of camera glares. She did not want the attention, but millions of women wanted to know what she was wearing and if her marriage would survive. Although she's been gone for more than ten years, her style is completely timeless and perfect for today.

Doesn't she make you want to go out and buy an entire closet filled with neutrals? Fortunately, if you were to do that, you could wear them forever. Since I started working four years ago, I've tried to model much of my work wardrobe after the second photo from the top. I love that outfit. It's so incredibly chic, and I don't have to update it unless I need a new pair of flats or a new black sweater. Then I add my own personal touches (usually gold jewelry and a colorful scarf) to make it "me." There are a million variations to this simple look, but it just works, doesn't it?

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