Thursday, March 4

Anthropologie Love

Today I found out that our long-awaited Anthropologie store is opening on March 19! You have no idea how long I've wished for Anthropologie to come to Memphis, and then when I found out it was opening, I had to wait (impatiently!) another eight months. Apparently it takes a long time to convert a cafe to an Anthropologie store, and I was so afraid they would change their minds before it was finished!

For the past few years, I have shopped at Anthropologie every time we travel. My poor, poor husband has seen Anthropologies in Nashville, Washington D.C., Atlanta and Los Angeles. I also made a solo trip to St. Louis for work and visited that Anthropologie store. Shockingly, there isn't an Anthropologie in Charleston, so no Anthro on that trip. Bummer!

My favorite thing about Anthropologie is its multitude of indie designers, but that also makes it impossible to me to shop on their web site. Sadly, I've been surviving on one or two Anthro trips a year (poor, poor me!), and then I wishing and hoping for it the rest of the time. Clearly my wish came true! Okay, Trader Joe's, you're next...

In honor of this exciting day, I am sharing a few of my current Anthropologie favorites. I will be trying them on very, very soon, and saving my pennies in the meantime! Haha.

So pretty...


  1. Yay!! Gorgeous stuff. If you can believe it, I've never purchased an item of clothing from Anthro. I get their catalog and *love* everything in it, but it's too far over my clothing budget. Maybe someday! For now I love it as inspiration.

  2. Alli, if I could sew like you, I wouldn't shop there either! When I do, it's usually the sale rack, where I always find a steal. They have great sale racks!!

  3. It is so great to have an anthro in your city! When i first found it we didn't have any so my mom and I would go on trips to Seattle or California... now, we have two in the Portland area!
    I browse their website all the time for inspiration and copy their tees quite frequently. Stop by for some knock-off tutorials!


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