Sunday, February 21

Inspiration Pages: Fashion

Ever since I started reading fashion magazines at age 12, I've been cutting them up for inspiration. In middle school, high school and college, I created collages for the front of my binders so I'd have something nice to look at when I was in class. I also decoupaged journals, bulletin boards, picture frames, a lamp shade, a waste paper basket and furniture. Yes, I was slightly obsessed. After college, I got away from decoupaging, mainly because of the lack of time and a smaller budget for things like magazines. Recently, a blog friend, Alli from One Pearl Button, inspired me to change my ways with her lovely inspiration pages. She keeps hers in a pretty binder. Mine are currently in a folder - the binder may have to wait a few has taken me a month to clip and glue enough stuff for six inspiration pages... Here are my three fashion inspiration pages. The best thing about them? I now know where I need to spend my money this spring - on mini skirts, ruffles, rose-adorned clothes, neutrals (of course!), pretty jewelry, and blush pinks! :) What spring style is inspiring you right now?

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