Thursday, February 25

Happy Me, Happy World

It's hard to believe March is almost here. Since 2010 started, we've made some changes in our lives that have made life sweeter for us:
We started going to a new gym late last year, and we've made a conscious effort to continue to go in 2010 - even though it's been cold and I've had quite a few night-time work commitments. As a result, we're both feeling better, and I was able to run my first mile (in three years!) last night. I've never been a runner, and even when I finally managed to finish that mile three years ago, I felt like I was about to have a heart attack. For some odd reason, running is much easier for me now. I started out by running half a mile, and then I increased it to .60 of a mile, .85 of a mile, and then one mile...literally in two weeks! I'm pretty proud of myself, and I'm suddenly thinking that a 5K might be possible. It's really good for me to have this exciting fitness goal.
Being Green!
We started composting, recycling and using Kleen Kanteens last spring, and we felt so good about our efforts to be green. Now that it's almost spring again, we're getting ready to fire up the old composter. We save our veggie and fruit peelings in lidded container under our sink, and then we throw them in the composter every few days, along with leaves, grass clippings and my dead flowers. It's a simple way to help the Earth and our mulch budget. Ours came from Costco, and it was definitely cheaper in the store!
Being Thrifty!
Instead of spending money here, there and everywhere, we've set some financial goals for ourselves this year. We're putting money towards a new deck, windows and a fun trip, and we created a budget to reach those goals. Being on a budget means we've had to cut back on shopping trips, and it has forced me to focus on the things I really want. Here are a few things on my wardrobe wishlist:
Cute Wedge Sandals. These are "Mallorie" from Coach - so not on my budget!

Anthropologie "Just Add Water" Necklace - I have a major addiction to roses right now. It's even worse than usual.

Anthropologie Picture Show Dress - this isn't on my budget either, but it's so pretty and girly.
FYI - I'm saving my vintage budget for our trip although I see so many cute things online each and every day! :)
Healthy Eating and Lots of Home Cooking!
As part of our budget and exercise plan, we're also eating a bit better this year. Lately, our diet has consisted of lots of homemade soups and colorful salads. We "party" on the weekends by making yummy homemade dishes like pizza, pancakes and taquitos, but we haven't been going out to eat. It's amazing how much you save (money-wise and calorie-wise!) when you eat in. Plus, it's really fun to drink wine and cook with your sweetie. On next week's menu - baked egg rolls! They are divine. I promise to share this recipe! :) I included this photo of a Bento Lunch Box, which you can find here, because it's such a cute idea. I haven't bought one for Jonathan yet (I get to eat at home for lunch - lucky me!), but if I see one at Target, it's got his name on it! How are your 2010 goals coming along? :)


  1. If you keep it up, you MIGHT just inspire me! :-)

  2. Wow, it sounds like you are doing an *amazing* job with your 2010 goals! Congrats!!


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