Sunday, January 31

Pretty Colors on a (Snow) White Day...

The trees are dripping, and the streets and sidewalks are starting to clear. A thick layer of snow and ice still covers the grass, but everything else is starting to go back to normal. I really love snow, but I don't love the mess it leaves behind. Our backyard will be one giant mud puddle for weeks. Gross.
We took Porter for a walk around the neighborhood this afternoon, and we stopped at our little community grocery store. We're fortunate that we have a shopping center in the heart of our neighborhood. Built in the late 1940s, it houses a pizza place, pub, barber shop, salon, dry cleaners, dentist (where I was on Friday) and a boutique. Everything is very vintage, and we love that we can walk to it!
After slipping and sliding our way back home, we curled up on our guest bed with our snowflake cookies, and I read some of my favorite blogs. Most of them are so colorful, and they inspired me to take these pictures. I hope color makes you as happy as it makes me. :)
What have you seen on a blog lately that has inspired you?

Vintage poster and a lot of red.

My favorite vintage embroidered pillow on my favorite chair.
Colorful vinyl.
Style books.
Our sunroom, aka Porter's room... A pretty Anthropologie dish... A vignette of old books and milk glass...
Our cheerful guest bedroom where we spent the afternoon reading in the sun.


  1. Aw, that sounds like such a nice day! I love all of these colors, but your blue milk glass is absolutely amazing. Gorgeous!

  2. I think we've said this before, buuut I have the same quilt! It looks so pretty next to your bright walls!

  3. I think my office is the same color as your sun room! I love it!


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