Thursday, December 31

A New Year, A New Decade...

It's hard to believe it's 2010. A yucky cold kept me from blogging while I was enjoying a nice week and a half away from work, but I'm better now and ready to tackle my current top ten list of to-dos for this year:
Here they are in no particular order...
In 2010, I want to:
1. Eat more home-cooked meals filled with fresh ingredients and experiment with lots of new recipes. I plan to post the good ones here. 2. Visit the local farmer's market on a regular basis (I've only been once - shame on me!). 3. Spend more time exercising my mind, body and spirit by reading, working out and going to church. All very important things! 4. Listen to Italian Podcasts and learn some Italian besides hello and the naughty words... :)
5. Visit the places that are dear to my heart - Italy, England and California.
6. Nurture my rose garden every day.
7. Learn to knit and embroider. I have had some success sewing buttons onto linens, so perhaps I'm ready to knit and purl...we shall see.
8. Blog at least twice a week and work on my photography skills. First I need to figure out how to get the pictures from my camera onto my computer. I still haven't mastered that yet... 9. Buy bicycles so Jonathan and I can ride them around our neighborhood and at Shelby Farms (I want a beach cruiser (!), but you can't get any less practical...maybe they sell mountain bikes in pastel colors with ribbons?).
10. Write, create, dream, do....and celebrate the little things in life every day. Love everyone.

I cannot begin to tell you how excited and inspired I am by the new year. I don't want to bash 2009, but it was such a depressing year for everyone, even those of us who were blessed with good health and jobs. There was just a bad vibe in the air, and it enveloped the world in a funk. Yuck!

Although it's been 2010 for five days, I can already see a little shift in everyone's attitudes. People seem happier and more optimistic, and it's fantastic! I hope to spread that sunshine by only posting positive thoughts on this blog, with the hope that I can help share a little bit of happiness with the people who read Painted Pink Roses.

Photo: Roses from my grandma's garden, summer 2006.

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  1. I'm sorry I'm not there to teach you to knit! Love this post. Good stuff.


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